The atelier of Massimo Ranalli was founded in the 1970s in the Roman quarter Sallustiano with Anna Soccorsi, his wife, as a collaborator. The two have always shared many common points: both had done the same studies (Institute of Arts and Academy of Arts) and both made their working experience in various Roman goldsmith laboratories.
This is also where they had accumulated an array of specializations and solid knowledge about the canons of Classical and Modern jewellery. The 1980s and 90s had seen Massimo Ranalli teach at the Academy of Fashion and Costumes Design of Rome (in the section of Jewellery Design).
During the same period the first collaborations with Bulgari's designs as well as other international enterprises also took off. All these important and long lasting experiences had contributed to widen Massimo Ranalli's proper knowledge of the goldsmith art and enabled him to create his own jewellery line.
Creativity, study, innovation of stile built on a solid tradition of artistic and handcraft goldsmith skills have become his personal strength and the key of success for Massimo Ranalli's jewellery line. The atelier entirely provides all necessary working phases such as the jewels project study, its prototyping, its mould, its fusion, its mounting, and, last but not least, the jewel finishing together with its embedding and polishing.
We provide the production of unique as well as of serial pieces, a work where the choice and selection of the gemstones plays a fundamental role. All our care assures a jewellery that distinguishes itself for elegance and refinement.