Personalized Jewellery

The laboratory of Massimo Ranalli turns your ideas into personalized jewellery. Further to this, the laboratory also provides for the setting and mounting of your own stones. But we are also pleased to combine various jewels in order to create unique and refined objects that will fully satisfy your high demands.
In any of his jewellery pieces Massimo Ranalli puts many years of professional experience, he had gained from working in various well-known Roman art laboratories, to work.
The laboratory provides specialized production of both unique pieces as well as of serial jewellery. Here the ideas come to life thanks to the thorough knowledge of proper Italian goldsmith techniques, that, needless to say, range from the classic to the modern. Our laboratory performs all phases of working processes and product realization necessary for jewel manufacturing. This is to say, from the prototyping techniques up to the elaborate fusion techniques, also including the assembly of jewellery as well as the embedding of precious stones, and, last but not least, the careful polishing of the art object.
Every single piece is awarded the maximum of care and quality control by releasing the appropriate certification of the precious stones.